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Captain Bill and Miss Janeen want to encourage you to say no to balloons to help protect the environment and its inhabitants, especially marine life! 

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Congratulations to our poster contest winner

Ben Quatrone from Brielle, NJ!

We're very proud of you Ben!

What is an explorer?  An explorer is one who seeks, has a huge appetite for new discoveries and a never ending desire for understanding, fueled by curiosity, a sense of wonder and imagination.

You are an explorer!

Welcome to Captain Bill's Jr.

 Ocean Explorers

In this series we will dive to the depths of the ocean, sail across the seas, meet many of the beautiful, intelligent, and amazing oceanic creatures.  We will penetrate shipwrecks, study coral reefs and soar into the atmosphere.

Most importantly and above all things, we will learn how to protect, preserve and care for our oceans and its inhabitants. 

From watersheds to oceans, from Sea Snails to the Blue Whale, from the ocean floor to the moon; we will dive deep into the meaning of our oceans and learn why it is so vitally important to love them, care for them and protect them.

Climb aboard and join us on this amazing journey!

Captain Bill's Landing  provides meaningful and educational programs  to children of all ages on topics promoting the protection, preservation and care of our oceans and our oceanic creatures.  We believe in and support the invaluable resources our oceans provide.  And we will do what we can to help sustain, protect and preserve them.

If you are interested in our program, please provide your email to receive notifications  of any future events and/or educational offerings in the Pt. Pleasant Beach and surrounding areas.

Thank you for being a Great Ocean Explorer!

 Please direct any inquiries to or mail to:

49 Inlet Drive Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Attention:  Janeen